discover the MUSCADINE


Like no other fruit on earth, the Muscadine Grape has a unique and abundant combination of phytonutrients that fight to protect cells from oxidative damage.

our story

We are the ORIGINAL makers of clinically tested Muscadine products in North Carolina.  We are the pioneers of the Muscadine Grape Industry and continue to study the powerful health benefits of North Carolina’s state fruit…the Muscadine Grape. 

our products

Our Mighty Muscadine® grape products are made from exclusively sourced, premium Muscadine grapes grown in the Southeastern United States. Mighty Muscadine® products are carefully inspected and tested to bring you only the highest quality Muscadine products from our family to yours.

our science

 Years of research and ongoing testing, conducting human clinical trials is what sets Mighty Muscadine® apart from other Muscadine manufacturers.  Our investment into proving that we can better peoples’ health and wellness through the science of the Muscadine is what we care about most.

the health benefits

Wow. There are so many, where do we begin. First it is important to understand that there is no other fruit that compares to the Muscadine grape. And yet it is probably the least talked about. It is the unique and abundant combination of phytonutrients that set the Muscadine grape apart. With higher antioxidant values than the blueberry, gogi, pomegranate, cranberry, açaí, mangosteen, Muscadine grapes are the


a healthy farm

At Mighty Muscadine® we believe in protecting  God’s great earth for generations to come. Our farming and production practices are environmentally friendly and we make every effort to protect and preserve without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

  grape or berry?

Is it a grape or a berry? The Muscadine has so many chemical properties of both a grape and a berry, why not call it both? Technically it is called a grape…but according to the science…it is actually a berry.

There are several cultivars of Muscadine grapes that range in color from greenish bronze to dark purple to almost black. 

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