About Us
We get our Muscadine grapes from the highest quality growers in the Southeast for the best quality product available.

mighty muscadine farmWelcome to the southeastern United States, where the summers are hot, the tea is sweet and the vines are full of Muscadine grapes.

The Muscadine grape, grown exclusively in the American South, is quickly becoming a superstar in the world of health and wellness.

Long before the first European settlers stepped foot into the New World, the Muscadine grape was growing wild in the wooded-areas of what would become known as the southeastern United States. These powerful little berries thrived in the harsh winters and blazing hot summers without the interference or aid of the outside world.

It is thanks to one extra set of chromosomes that the Muscadine grape can flourish, where traditional table grapes (vitis vinfera) cannot. Similar to our immune system, which produces more antibodies when under attack, the Muscadine grape produces more disease-fighting antioxidants when under the stress from the environment it grows in.

Not all Muscadines are grown and cared for equally, this is why we have a fulltime on-site chemist and food scientist to carefully check our products for bacteria or mold. Some companies will sell you products that no one checks for bacteria or mold. Consumers do not know what they are buying, and the manufacturer doesn’t know what it’s selling to the consumer. NPC Corporation has and continues to have Human Clinical trials performed with its product that cost over $20,000,000 to research the health benefits for the consumer. We believe that all companies should have to do testing to ensure that the consumer is getting a quality product. NPC Corporation manufactures premium Muscadine Grape based products in compliance with 21 CFR 111 The Current Good Manufacturing Practices in Manufacturing, Packing, Labeling, or Holding Operations for Dietary Supplements.