Antioxidant Snack Dip
Made from Premium Muscadine Grape Seeds & Skins, sweetened with Natural Honey.

Introducing Ryan Express, all-natural Antioxidant Snack Dip made from Premium Muscadine Grapes

With only the essential ingredients* (Muscadine Grapes and Honey), our all-natural snack ‘dip’ is a tasty treat loaded with disease fighting antioxidants. We crush muscadine seeds and blend them with the skins, then sweeten with a touch of all-natural honey for a snack you’ll love. The crushed muscadine seeds offer a subtle nutty texture. Stick a little in your mouth and let the flavor melt on your tongue or inside your cheek.  While it might resemble tobacco dip, our Antioxidant Snacks have no tobacco or other harmful toxins.

Available in Regular and Wintergreen flavor, Ryan Express Antioxidant Snack Dip is a healthy alternative snack for all-ages!

The "Super" Grape

Due to their extra set of chromosomes, the muscadine grape produces more disease-fighting antioxidants when under the stress from the environment it grows in.

*Wintergreen flavor has a touch of wintergreen flavoring added.